Mateo Iliev was born on September 26, 1989 in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria.

His love for hookah has lasted for more than 18 years. During this time, in addition to being a dedicated hookah fan, he showed a strong interest in Hookah Culture. Because of his sociability, he meets different people from all over the world, people with extensive experience in hookahs, and begins to learn useful and interesting information.  In 2017, Mateo Iliev created Hookah Fans Bulgaria – an online and offline society that reaches over 6 thousand online members by 2020. Before devoting himself mainly to the organization of Hookah events, he created a hookah catering company, which made hookahs in several metropolitan establishments, including the most luxurious Rooftop bar-pool in Bulgaria – Cabana Rooftop Beach bar.

Mateo Iliev organized his first official hookah event in 2017. There are many more smaller and larger hookah events to come. On average, Mateo Iliev has organized between 3 and 4 Hookah events per year since 2017. Ever since the first Nargile event, fans in Bulgaria have fallen in love with the small and large events organized by Mateo Iliev and his team. Mateo Iliev, together with his team, has organized 11 hookah festivals in less than 5 years.


Good level of English
Personal connections and contacts with international brands in the hookah business
Personal connections and contacts with international individuals in the Hookah business
Personal connections and contacts with international hookah influencers
Skills and Experience in Organizing Large Hookah Events
Skills and experience in Organizing small Hookah events
Teamwork skills and experience
Skills and experience in organizing festival and entertainment elements of events
Skills and experience in organizing hookah competitions
Organizing teams of people acting in the same spirit
Influencing smaller or larger groups of people for the purpose of entertainment or motivation

And other

Some of the brands that have worked with mr. Mateo Iliev.

Hookah Battle- Russia
Dschinni Shisha- Germany
Space Smoke- Russia
Tempus Hookah- Greece
Carat bowls- Greece
Alpha Hookah- Russia
Nargile Uzmani- Turkey
Alchimist- Turkey
One Nation- Germany
Al Waha- Bulgarian representatives.
Element- Bulgarian representatives.
Holster- Bulgarian representatives.
Hookain- Bulgarian representatives.
Lira- Bulgarian representatives.
Adalya- Bulgarian representatives.
Tangiers- Bulgarian representatives.
Gazi- Bulgarian Tobacco
Habibbi oh Yeah- Bulgarian coals
Klaudica- Premium Bulgarian Hookah Brand
Revoshi- Bulgarian representatives.

And many more brands, different hookah shops and lounges.

Successes and projects by years

2004 Tries hookah for the first time and falls in love

2006 Became interested in Hookah as a culture, studying it and meeting people from all over the world who have experience.

2017 Started his first business with Hookahs – Hookah catering in restaurants, beaches and pools in Bulgaria

2017 Creates the Facebook group Hookah Fans Bulgaria.

2018 Organized the first meeting (mini festival) of the society of Hookah Fans Bulgaria.

2018 He was chosen by the Bulgarian hookah fans and society as the official jury of Bulgaria and attended the Hookah Battle Slavic Cup hookah competition in Ukraine.

2018 Creates its own format Hookah Competition: Hookah Chef

2018 Creates his own team that helps him with festivals and projects.

2019 Continues to organize festivals, tastings and store openings.

2019 He started his career as a Hookah Influencer by also starting on YouTube.

2019 Participated in several International and Bulgarian hookah projects.

2019 He was chosen as the official Bulgarian commentator of the Hookah Battle international hookah competitions.

2019 Organizes the largest Hookah Festival in Bulgaria.

2020 Continues with the organization of Hookah events and festivals, the most interesting this year being Miss Hookah Fans, which is a unique female beauty contest related to hookahs.

2020 Organized the first online Hookah Conference with Hookah professionals from America, Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic and Bulgaria.

2022 Organizes Hookah Fest Summer edition.

2022 Creates a Hookah Influence team in Bulgaria. The team promotes festivals and various hookah brands, as well as non-hookah brands. Total number of real followers total of all profiles over 600 thousand.

2022 Organizes Hookah Fest Street edition- Unique concept Hookah festival with Street elements, such as fast sports cars, breakdance, street fitness, street food and others. All in a combination that grabbed the full atention of all Hookah Fans!

On major current and upcoming projects:

Launch of own brand of premium charcoal with a unique concept by the end of 2022.

Winter Hookah Fest in Sofia, Bulgaria December 17, 2022.

Two books written about hookahs, due to be published in 2023.

Courses for beginners and professionals in the preparation of hookah with a unique program for internships and work positions. The courses begins in January 2023.

Balkan Hookah Festival with more than 3000 visitors. It will take place in June 2023.

Background and other business experience

Since childhood, he has been interested in business and communication with people. He made his first business attempts as a child. During his primary education, he worked as a fitness instructor, and immediately after graduation, he began studying to become a master jeweler. For a period of several years, he passed almost all the job positions related to the jewelry business. Then he started a jewelry business – one of the first online jewelry stores in Bulgaria. It continues with one of the most successful exchange offices for exchanging gold, silver and diamonds in Bulgaria, in partnership with the famous Bulgarian jewelry house West Gold & Silver, which continues to operate to this day.

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